Sunday 30 March 2014

#60Days Tobago Island Connoisseur: Maxwell Moulson's Bio

What this is about:

This summer I am hoping to spend 60 days in Caribbean paradise on the beautiful island of Tobago. I have put my name into the hat for the chance to become the Island Connoisseur and to make my dream into a reality.

The job of the Island Connoisseur involves some pretty cool responsibilities. I would live on Tobago for two months while exploring everything the island has to offer. From cliff jumping, snorkelling, fishing, and paddle boarding, to golfing, tennis, and taking in the night life, it would be my task and pleasure to share these and many more activities on my social media channels, thereby spreading the word about this dream destination.

The first requirement of this competition was to create a 30 second video making an initial claim as to why I am the best candidate for the job. Check it out below!

Myself (back), my brother (left),
and my father (right): Christmas
afternoon in Hawaii 2002.
The travel bug bit my family when I was very young and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to us. My name is Maxwell Moulson and I have traveled from my hometown of Mississauga, Ontario to beautiful hot and cold destinations all over the world. 

I am a former film and television production student which, as one could probably guess, means I always have some sort of camera on my person. I love sharing my experiences with the online world (as well as by word of mouth) and my Instagram account can vouch for me. My ever-growing following of over 3000 people give me positive feedback by liking and commenting on my photos and videos everyday.

I take pride in my ability to capture that “in the moment” moment. Many people are accused of trying so hard to capture a moment in a photograph or on video that they lose out on the experience all together; but I believe I have it down to a science. You can always count on me to be in the right place at the right time to snap that perfect picture and still describe to you how great it felt to be in that moment afterwards.

Let’s get (more) personal:

I am a Goju-Ryu Karate black belt and have been studying martial arts since I was eight years old; it is my most defining characteristic. I’ve pushed my body to its limits, and I know physical pain. I’ve shed blood, sweat and tears and I know what its like to want to quit… but I would never dare do such a thing.  

Left: Posing in my living room before heading out to a tournament! Anyone thinking Karate Model? haha!
Right: Filming some board breaking in the park for a video assignment! 

I am an amateur musician, who throughout my high school career was the closing act for each and every talent show. I am by no means a great singer but the passion, enthusiasm, and vigour that I brought to the stage turned my thrilling experience into the audience’s enjoyment.

Last but certainly not least I am a amateur photographer and videographer. Say Cheese! And read above if you’ve forgotten that I am the in-the-moment aficionado! (I also shoot sketches and short films, act, write, and edit! I seriously love editing both photos and videos.) (See my Instagram page.)

By the way… Have I mentioned I love to eat?! Wow I haven’t? Well I do! I am like one of those thin guys you see in cartoons that can eat a surprising amount. Remember Shaggy and Scooby Doo? Yeah, that’s basically me. Speaking of which, does anyone have a Scooby Snack?

Me playing on a beach in Tobago, Age 4.
Ha, ha! Now time for some emotion:

The last time I was in Tobago I was four years old. The beauty of the island, the abundance of activities, the culture? I can’t say that I remember… What I can say is that I am excited. What I can say is that I am thrilled. For even the opportunity to be considered as the Island Connoisseur has got my heart pumping. The possibly of a dream job that would take me back to my first real vacation spot has lit a fire in my stomach and put a gleam in my eye.

The Island Connoisseur 
“My heart, my passion, my desire, my soul,
Me, summer 2013
All of me, and everything I know;
Was abandoned, left, forgotten and forsaken,
Left to die, out in the Caribbean.

Lips on lips, I expel my breath,
Into his lungs, then pound on his chest;
My identity, wake up! You’ve been given a second chance!
Resuscitated! Revived! Now the world is in our hands!

Let’s venture out together, let’s regain what we’ve lost!
The missing piece of our puzzle, the cherry on top!
Let’s return to the one place, that our heart knows for sure,
TOBAGO! And our new name? Is the Island Connoisseur.” 
– By: Maxwell Moulson

My name is Maxwell Moulson. I live for new and exciting adventures, and nothing could fit that criteria better than being the Tobago Island Connoisseur.

Thank you for your consideration.

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